Android mobiles are very common nowadays among youths but still, some users may miss some of the vital things to do with the new Android phone.

Android mobiles not only limits to texting and calling, but it takes the world in them. There is n number of uses in which smartphones are used. So, if you recently bought a new Android mobile, there are some settings or essential things you need to do with the mobile phone before start using it.

Check out some essential things you need to do immediately after taking the new mobile phone.
Setup Your Google Account
First and foremost step you need to do on your Android device is set up your Google account. It is essential to set up Google account because without having a Google account, installing apps is not allowed as accessing Google play store you need Google account. So, when you buy a new device it asks you about your Google account. In any case, if you missed that step or did not receive notification automatically, you can manually do that from settings. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google.

Disable the Un-used Apps.
Always disable less useful apps that are built-in come with your device and waste your memory as they might keep running in the background. So, you should disable such apps from your Android phone to keep the performance of the phone better. You can disable them from Settings > Application Manager.

Clean Home Screen
There are many built-in apps that are present on your new device and their shortcut or widgets are on your home screen. So, for a clean home screen, you can either remove them from home screen or move and arrange on different pages. Simply tap on the app icon and drag to the next page or simply drag it to delete icon to remove it from home screen. Apps are not deleted or uninstall just their widgets are removed.

Download Some Essential Apps
In a new Android phone, there only a few built-in apps offered whereas there are other many Android apps that you must install in your Android phone like social messaging or social media apps, favorite browser app, news app, mobile shopping app or best mobile number tracker apps for security, etc. These apps don’t come with a new Android phone. You need to install them manually from Google Play Store.