Dr. Richard Ruhling Biblical is a prophecy expert and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He predicted war with Iraq before 9-11, based on Christ’s saying to read the book of Daniel.

WILMINGTON, NC, May 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The situation in the Middle East has become a political powder keg. Dr. Richard Ruhling believes there is much happening today that was foretold thousands of years ago in the Bible. He recently commented on the situation as seen from a Biblical perspective:

“Daniel’s vision for our time may be seen as a conflict between a militant ram pushing from the Middle East that angers a goat. It flies from the west to break the ram’s horns (militancy). The horns represent the kings of Media and Persia—areas that are now Iraq and Iran, Daniel 8:7,17,20.

“The US doesn’t want war with Iran—there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq—What makes the goat angry to fight the ram? In Luke 21, Christ cited Zechariah 14 that nations would be gathered against Jerusalem. It says, ‘The houses will be rifled, the women ravished…half the city goes into captivity,’ and war is implied.

Ruhling speculates they will celebrate their victory and their Quran that says, “Allah has no Son.”

“Suddenly, ‘The Lord shall roar from Jerusalem…the heavens and earth shall shake.’ Joel 3:16. Christ is Lion of Judah in Revelation 5 and when he roars, an earthquake causes them to flee in ‘day of the Lord” context. Zechariah 14. What does that mean?

When God executed judgment on Egypt at Passover, it was ‘the night of the Lord’ in Exodus 12. As day follows night, the day of the Lord is likely a time of judgment, a word that’s translated from the Greek word, krisis. Crisis in Chinese has two characters, danger and opportunity–that’s how some see an economic time of upheaval that Ruhling says will surprise the elite with a “reset” they weren’t expecting. Ruhling thinks God sees the future better than we see the past.

“An example is the prophet Isaiah’s 45th chapter naming Cyrus and telling how he would conquer Babylon when two river gates were left open. Cyrus knew nothing about Isaiah’s writings taken from Jerusalem 70 years earlier, but Cyrus diverted the Euphrates River into a reservoir and marched under Babylon’s wall at night to discover two gates left open.

“Cyrus conquered Babylon with minimal loss of life. When Daniel showed him his name in Isaiah’s scroll, Cyrus was so impressed with Israel’s God that he freed them to return home and helped pay their way with a donation for their temple.

“Israel has Donald Trump engraved on a coin as Cyrus II, but Trump hasn’t had opportunity to do what Cyrus I did.

Ruhling sees a parallel in horns of Daniel 8. The first horn on the ram was caught in a bush that was sacrificed instead of Isaac when God tested Abraham in Genesis 22. “Caught in a bush? George Bush caught the first horn. Saddam is dead.”

The goat has a great horn in Daniel 8. In Bible times, animal horns were used to make trumpets. Ruhling thinks Trump may be represented by the great horn that makes the goat great in verse 8.

“Ben Carson, a Sunday Guest Speaker (YouTube) appealed for ‘people of good will to get over their pet peeves because they don’t like a person. They say, I don’t like him and I’m not voting for him—I’m just going to stay home. Don’t they realize if they do that, they are voting for socialism?’ Ben Carson has a great track record and would make a great VP pick for Trump and Trump may not last long.”

But the great horn breaks, suggesting premature death, possibly assassination? Ruhling wonders, recalling that Biden was VP under Obama who said the US will never be at war with Islam, but some see Trump as the only horse in the race to be Commander in Chief.

Millions believe the election was stolen in spite of facts claimed by media. A Tucker Carlson interview re a poll of voters revealed 20% of voters admitted fraud to favor Biden in a carefully worded survey. Carlson says, Trust your gut. Ruhling says, Trust the Bible—the evidence supports accurate foreknowledge by the world’s best-selling book.

“God used a heathen king of Babylon to punish Jerusalem. Maybe again ‘when you see Jerusalem compassed with armies,’ God will use someone who does not seem like a Christian. This ‘Christian’ nation is more guilty than Egypt for enslaving people (in substances—even medical care is bondage when most people could be well if they ate wisely) and we have a rainbow of negative lifestyles thrown 63 million babies in the trash, worse that Egypt’s thrown in the Nile.”

Ruhling believes God will allow Jerusalem to be taken because 90% of the Jews there have no interest in God—they came for free land from the UN and God will let Muslims get Jews out before chasing Muslims with an earthquake that ‘will shake the world terribly,’ last verses of Isaiah 2.

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Ruhling graduated from Loma Linda University medical school and planning for overseas work, took a Masters Degree in Public Health. After Internal Medicine training and board certification, he also had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching at Loma Linda’s School of Public Health. Attending a cardiology convention, he heard Pritikin reporting how a low fat, low cholesterol diet reversed heart disease and got 85% of patients off their drugs for diabetes and blood pressure.

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