Join the search: artist Bartosz Beda seeks a new studio to fuel the next creative phase with exclusive small works release.

DALLAS, TX, December 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Following the resounding success of his solo exhibition, “Echoes of Seasons,” renowned artist Bartosz Beda embarks on a new chapter by releasing an exclusive collection of small-scale artworks. This intimate series marks a transition period for Beda as he seeks a new studio space to expand his artistic horizons and continue his profound exploration of the human condition through oil painting.

Beda’s artistic journey is as compelling as his creations. From his early days as an animator involved in Oscar-nominated films to his current status as a critically acclaimed artist featured in publications like The Independent and The Guardian, Beda’s unwavering dedication to artistic expression has earned him recognition as a “one to watch” on BBC Radio 4. His contributions to the art world are substantial, with solo and group exhibitions gracing prestigious institutions across Europe and the United States, including the Reading Public Museum and the Brownsville Museum.

This exclusive collection of small works offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Beda’s artistic vision. Each piece imbued with his signature blend of figurative and abstraction, invites viewers to engage in a dialogue about the complexities of the human experience. The smaller format allows Beda to explore intimate moments and emotions with a heightened focus, creating a sense of immediacy and connection with the viewer.

“This collection represents a new beginning for me,” says Beda. “It’s a chance to experiment, to push boundaries, and to connect with collectors in a new way. I’m excited to see how these works resonate with people and to continue my artistic journey in a new space.”

The release of the small-works collection coincides with Beda’s active search for a new studio. He envisions a space fostering artistic creation and community engagement, allowing him to connect with fellow artists and art enthusiasts.

“Finding the right studio is crucial for my next chapter,” says Beda. “I’m looking for a space that inspires me, that allows me to grow and evolve as an artist. I’m also excited about creating a space that welcomes others and fosters collaboration and creativity.”

Bartosz Beda’s exclusive collection of small artworks and his ongoing studio search mark an exciting new chapter in his artistic evolution. This is an artist on the move whose unwavering pursuit of creative expression continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Be sure to follow him on social media to glimpse his creative process.


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