Author of 5 bestselling books shares her journey from finding validation from others to receiving validation from God and herself. A Struggle for the Crown that always belonged to her.

ATLANTA, GA, April 06, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Milkia Waller is a #1 Bestselling International Author of “Just Another Miracle”, “ABC Faith”, “Above Water” and “Winning in the Kingdom”. She pulls back the curtain as an author in 2015 when her rollicking book “Above Water” hits the market and inspired people to go for their dreams and overcome their fears. Her books enjoy appreciation from critics as well. In addition, she is a speaker, teacher and businesswomen.

Her recently published book “Let no one take your crown: Owning your crown the milki way” empowers readers to live a life of freedom where no one can dictate you, where you can hunt for your dreams having faith in God and confidence in yourself. The author briefly discusses in a simple way on how to overcome your fears and convert them into successes and how you can make decisions on your own. She argues that God has made every human being special and we must find and be obedient to that spiritual spirit inside of us to win in life.

Milkia Waller stresses that “Finding your true self is looking inside yourself and Finding who you really are to take your Crown. Your crown is your Ability to see that you are the Gift of God. When you discover yourself then you’ll realize that you’re Valuable and you have a voice with a valuable point of view. Let no one receive your Symbol of Victory, Which is your Crown.”

“Apart from her bestselling international books, crystal clear messages and Beauty tips for cosmetics, she continuous to further the Kingdom of God. Milkia inspires, influences and impacts people in a positive way. She has a distinct way of helping people rise above their circumstances and use their gifts and talents” said one of her readers.

When asked about her inspiration to write these wonderful books she replied “I would never think in a million years, that I’ll be Chosen by God to teach his Words.” She added “By the time, God has worked several miracles in my life, it was apparent that God was calling me to minister his truths to others. So I Surrendered.”

“I want every young girl, young lady and fabulous women to know that, You are Enough. I believe your past does not dictate your future. I want to help them get their life back and build the life they always knew they should own.”

More importantly, she is a powerhouse wife, mother and thought leader. Her desire is to help as many people as she can live from their true and best self. Milkia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Master’s degree in Education and Educational Leadership and a Specialist degree in Curriculum & Instruction. Milkia has taught people of all ages how to swim as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.

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