WASHINGTON, DC, June 05, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Quimera Publishing is excited to announce the release of “The Quimera Codes – A Novel of Political Fiction” by Russell Rutland McGuire Jr.

In the afterword, McGuire explains his unique approach: “While most of my settings are real, my characters are imaginary,” he says, reversing Marianne Moore’s famous advice about fictional worlds.

“The Quimera Codes” blends an uprising in Puerto Rico, the pursuit of a loose nuclear weapon, and the rise of a dangerous anti-democratic elite into a gripping political thriller. This novel is a quick and engaging read with 41 chapters and an epilogue, totaling 72,248 words. Although fictional, much of the historical context is accurate and well-researched, shedding light on the current crisis of democracy in the United States.

Gerry Jonas, a former New York Times book critic, praised the pre-publication manuscript, saying, “I read it with great pleasure. The story carried me along, and I cared about the protagonist.”

Set against decades of political history, the core of the narrative is a star-crossed romance between Frank Standard, an ex-Army Captain turned private consultant, and Zara De Leon from the NSA. The publisher promises a heart-pounding journey as Frank and Zara join forces to prevent a looming nuclear disaster, blending espionage and romance in a high-stakes mission.

The novel poses the question: Can Frank and Zara put aside their past and unite to safeguard the country, or will their personal history jeopardize their mission? “It is a gripping tale where love and duty collide in the face of a perilous national crisis,” says the publisher.

“The Quimera Codes” is now available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback formats. Search for “The Quimera Codes” to find your copy.

Quimera Publishing launched ‘The Quimera Codes – a novel of political fiction” on amazon.com June 1, 2024. Quimera Publishing is a division of Music Licensing Solutions, Inc. of Silver Spring, MD.

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