Yoga master Tom Gillette launches Sayings of the Breath, a poetic collection inviting readers to focus on their breath every morning, promoting yoga’s benefits.

HOUSTON, TX, August 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Yoga master Tom Gillette announces the launch of his new book, Sayings of the Breath, a profound collection of poetic musings, in the style of Rumi or Hafeez, enthusiastically inviting readers to focus on the breath every morning.
Author Tom Gillette has written this book for anyone who loves yoga and appreciates its benefits.

Since 1988, Tom Gillette has been helping people discover insights about yoga beyond physical exercise. He was the director of the renowned “Eyes of the World Yoga” center, in downtown Providence, RI, as well as 3 other yoga centers. He has led 34 Yoga Teacher Trainings, and thousands, upon thousands, of yoga classes. His teaching now focuses on many novel variations of a breathing practice called Nāḍī Shodhana, or “Left Right Breath.” Practicing hours each day for many years has transformed his life.

“Sayings of the Breath” was written for Tom’s students, a compilation of the poetic words that began to flow with the meditative practice of Left Right Breath.

Left Right Breath alternates the stimulation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It is considered by many esteemed gurus and yogis as the ultimate practice in yoga. Known for its calming and anti-anxiety effects, Left Right Breath has wide reaching effects on the nervous system, heart and the immune system. Everyday practice leads to an inner world full of daily discoveries.

Sayings of the Breath will be hitting all top book publishing platforms in 2023, including Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Press, among many others.

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