ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is looking to upgrade its cartoning machine to a new level of better performance, more intelligent with automatic changeover, and more ergonomic design with a higher protection level.

WENZHOU, CHINA, August 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is looking to upgrade its cartoning machine to be of better performance, more intelligent and ergonomic.

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery we are looking to upgrade our current horizontal end-load cartoning machines to a new and higher level. The basic upgrading regarding the cartoner will cover the following aspects:

– Higher level of ergonomic and protection
– Better performance by shifting some functions from mechanical to servo-driven
– A new balcony-style design for better accessibility and maintenance
– Automatic format changeover enhanced by servo
– A new carton feeder of the patented design

Our Motivation for the Upgrading

Packaging machinery manufacturers in China have been long playing at the lower level of marketing positioning where prices are the principal factory to consider while products on the market are almost similar to each other with slight differences in terms of details. What’s becoming worse is that some of them make concessions in terms of quality and performance to the price. All of these factors have made the terms “made-in-China” and “cartoning machine” together a negative stereotype: cartoner machine made by a Chinese manufacturer is cheap.

“Be ourselves and be different, this is my wish with our business,” said Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery.

“The foundation of brand recognition is that the company does not produce and sell cheap craps… because that does not make any sense. The market does not recognize and appreciate a company that makes only inferior products, it is not a sustainable way of business either,” commented Bao.

Features of the Upgraded Cartoning Machine

The upgraded cartoning machine by ELITER Packaging Machinery will be totally targeted at a different market positioning in contrast to the other cartoners on the market in China.

1. Ergonomic design and higher labour safety

Most of the cartoning machines on the market are with the most rudimentary or even no concern regarding labour safety. We are going to add more protection devices and rebuild our cartoning machine’s structure with a balcony-style design. This is not only the aesthetic purpose but also for that the cartoner is more ergonomic.

2. Both mechanically and servo-driven

We’d supplant the mechanical transmission of some functions with servo motors so as to both simply the design and improve the performance. We also look to enable an automatic formant changeover by upgrading the infeed bucket conveyor and discharge lug chains to servo-driven ones. All processes are to be made through HMI.

3. New carton feeder

This is something already on the way. We look forward to finishing the work during the coming months and applying for the patent.

An Overview of our Strategy of Transformation

“Step by step we are taking transformations of our business. This is not a simple task in one move but a long-term hard one,” said Bao.

“We are just around the corner of launching our Wrap-Around Sleever to the market. Accompanying the Sleever is the Horizontal End-Load Case Packer which is to be connected with the Sleever to offer an end-of-line solution,” added Bao.

“We should carry out the task of our cartoning machine’s upgrading simultaneously with these two types of machinery mentioned and give it our best shoot to get the upgraded cartoner launched in the market during the early months of the coming year.”

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery
ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a small family business in the packaging machinery industry for three generations. The company designs and manufacturers cartoners, film overwrappers and wrap-around sleever. ÉLITER is now taking transformation to become a company with focus on innovation and excellence.

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