Double M Aviation, located at Lakeland Linder International Airport, would like to announce their new aviation maintenance services, and that they are now an American Bonanza Society Center of Excellence.

LAKELAND, FL, October 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Double M Aviation, located at Lakeland Linder International Airport, would like to announce their new aviation maintenance services, and that they are now an American Bonanza Society Center of Excellence and certified to repair, maintain, and inspect all types of general aviation Beechcraft aircraft, including Barons, Bonanzas, Debonairs and Travel Airs.

ABS Center of Excellence

Double M Aviation’s staff of technicians, pilots, and administrative personnel are honored to have achieved the ABS Center of Excellence designation. This certification ensures they are knowledgeable and experienced in maintaining the Beechcraft line of general aviation airplanes, and that they follow all the recommended Beechcraft checklists when it comes to inspecting, maintaining, and repairing Beechcraft aircraft. This includes having several A&P technicians on staff and a designated pilot that can fly aircraft before and after their required inspections and any needed aircraft maintenance.

Aviation General Maintenance

In addition to inspecting, maintaining, and repairing Beechcraft aircraft, the A&P technicians at Double M Aviation also perform 50-hour, 100-hour, progressive and annual inspections on all types of single and multi-engine general aviation aircraft, including Cessna and Piper aircraft, and as well as turbine-engine aircraft. They can also help determine if an aircraft needs an inspection by examining the aircraft logbooks and the Hobbs meter or tachometer.

50, 100, Progressive and Annual Inspections

In general, all aircraft need an annual inspection, and aircraft used for hire, including for flight instruction, need 50-hour and 100-hour inspection. Alternatively, some owners choose to minimize their aircraft’s downtime by utilizing a progressive inspection plan which helps ensure the aircraft is properly inspected while reducing hangar time. All inspections at Double M Aviation are performed in their updated 10,000 square foot aviation maintenance hangar and in accordance with all the applicable FARs.

Aircraft Repairs

In addition to performing scheduled inspections, Double M Aviation’s A&P technicians also perform unscheduled maintenance. The need for this type of maintenance often arises during preflight inspections or while the aircraft is in flight. Common problems include nicks and cracks in propellers, damage to the fuselage skin, rough running engines, and control surface problems. When maintenance issues are found, the aircraft technicians at Double M can diagnose the problem and repair it in a timely manner in order to keep the aircraft airworthy and safe to fly.

General Aviation Information

Double M Aviation also offers aviation advice and information for aircraft owners and pilots on its dedicated blog. They regularly discuss the various aircraft categories and classes, the requirements to become an aircraft technician, when to have your aircraft inspected, and the types of inspections that for-hire and personal-use aircraft require. They even announce special events on their blog, including Pilots N Paws events, weekend clinics, and local airshows.

Double M Aviation at Lakeland Linder International Airport

Double M Aviation is proud to offer high-quality aircraft maintenance with absolutely no excuses. Thier certified and experienced A&P technicians always perform timely inspections, maintenance, and repairs that meet the applicable aircraft maintenance regulations, and they always test fly every aircraft after it has undergone maintenance in order to ensure flight safety and aircraft airworthiness.

Double M Aviation is located at 3482 Airfield Drive W in Lakeland, Florida. They can be contacted by phone at 863-940-3450 and by email at [email protected]. If your aircraft needs a 50, 100, progressive or annual inspection, you can count on Double M Aviation’s aircraft technicians to perform every task as if they owned the aircraft.

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