The Columbia, South Carolina, personal injury attorney said that the ongoing trend of explosions could be avoided by a simple design solution.

COLUMBIA, SC, March 07, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Explosions have been a known risk associated with gas cans since the first incarnations of these containers. Yet, South Carolina injury attorney Bert Louthian said that what many gas can owners don’t know is that one simple, affordable fix makes gas cans exponentially safer.

“There is a lack of public awareness on this issue,” Louthian said. “More importantly, there is clearly a lack of motivation by manufacturers and distributors of gas cans, who could save lives and spare injuries by including flame arrestors on these containers.”

As reported by NBC News in 2014, the gas can industry released tests finding that flame arrestors could prevent explosions; their research followed the filing of a large number of lawsuits seeking damages for such injuries. How long the industry had been aware of the problem isn’t entirely clear; but as explosions and lawsuits continue, Louthian said that legal action is needed to force change.

“Industries like this aren’t always as proactive as they should be,” Louthian said. “It takes people willing to act to force their hand. These claims benefit all consumers and they help ensure that an injured victim gets the payment they deserve.”

Louthian said that gas can explosions are most common in the winter months and that they have been happening with alarming regularity in the South.

“Attorneys familiar with these cases know when and where they’re likely to happen,” Louthian said. “I want to sound the alarm to gas can owners and let them know they shouldn’t have to shoulder the costs of their injuries because a manufacturer failed to include a 50-cent arrestor on a gas can.”

He said that the lack of urgency by manufacturers to alert consumers and ensure their products are safe is beyond irresponsible.

“This is unacceptable,” Louthian said. “Consumers place their trust in the makers and sellers of these products. The idea that consumer safety isn’t the top priority for the industry is a major concern.”

Louthian encouraged all gas can owners to find out whether their containers have arrestors and to be sure that they are kept in a safe place during the coldest months of the year.

“This is a problem that has a solution,” Louthian said. “It’s time to make sure these incidents stop happening.”

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