Las Vegas-based founders Tim Bird and Michelle Grinnell unveil their groundbreaking solution to enhance VIP experiences and streamline general admission in nightlife venues.

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Founders Tim Bird (CEO) and Michelle Grinnell (President/COO) have launched Bottles Waiting, a tech startup based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and registered in Delaware, designed to revolutionize the nightlife experience for both venues and patrons.

Recognizing the gap between the VIP promise and the actual experience of bottle service in nightclubs and lounges, as well as the challenges of general admission, the duo set out to create a seamless, truly VIP experience for customers while streamlining the process for staff and improving general admission solutions.

Bottles Waiting’s cutting-edge technology eliminates the frustration of waiting for bottle service at a reserved table or seeking a server’s attention during busy presentations. By delivering the extraordinary experience customers expect and enhancing staff efficiency, Bottles Waiting is poised to redefine the nightlife industry.

“Bottles Waiting empowers venues & patrons with tech that redefines nightlife. As a proud Latina founder, I’m thrilled to innovate & break barriers.” – Michelle Grinnell, Co-Founder & President/COO

With the Bottles Waiting app, patrons can now enjoy a seamless, hassle-free night out, while venues and staff benefit from streamlined operations and improved customer satisfaction in both VIP and general admission scenarios.

About Bottles Waiting:
Bottles Waiting is a cutting-edge technology startup focused on revolutionizing the nightlife industry by providing innovative solutions for venues, consumers, and nightlife professionals. Founded by Tim Bird (CEO) and Michelle Grinnell (President/COO), Bottles Waiting is dedicated to enhancing the VIP experience, streamlining general admission, and improving guest list and comp management. With seamless POS integration (with some POS systems), the Bottles Waiting platform offers a comprehensive suite of apps, mobile sites, and websites designed to optimize operations, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction for both nightlife consumers and venue staff. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and registered in Delaware, Bottles Waiting is committed to transforming the way people experience nightlife, one unforgettable night at a time. For more information, visit (consumers) or (venues), and follow Bottles Waiting on social media. For media inquiries, contact Co-Founder Michelle Grinnell at

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