Enhancing Precision and Automation in the $128 Trillion Fixed Income Market

NEW YORK, NY, July 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Deep Market Making, Inc (Deep MM). Leveraging the power of AI, Deep MM is transforming the fixed income market, which is a staggering $128 T asset class. Initially, Deep MM is addressing the US Corporate Bond Market of which $9 trillion is traded annually.

Deep MM is pleased to announce the release of our US corporate credit investment grade (IG) AI model offering unparalleled accuracy in predicting the probability of trades being filled at various price levels, unlocking many use cases for IG traders, analysts, salespeople, researchers, risk-management, portfolio managers, and back-office professionals, via a fast and intuitive user interface.

The Deep MM IG analytics product uses cutting-edge AI to automate tasks in real-time traditionally managed by human traders and corporate bond professionals, enhancing efficiency and enabling a more client-focused approach. These tasks include generating runs, conducting portfolio risk analysis, performing pre-trade execution analysis, generating trading ideas, and alerting to market conditions.

“Our AI model stands out as the most accurate in the market, delivering an exceptional level of precision that has consistently impressed early adopters,” said Nathan Powell, CEO of Deep Market Making. The model so far is the culmination of seven years of R&D. For corporate bonds, a wide range of data sources are used, including FINRA TRACE, US treasuries, bond ETFs, and equity ETFs, as well as S&P ratings, with plans to expand to additional relevant data sources soon.

One early adopter, a trader employed at a prominent Wall Street riskless market maker, expressed his astonishment at the model’s precision, noting it accurately priced less-liquid bonds he had anticipated would challenge the AI’s capabilities. This endorsement underscores the product’s potential to redefine corporate bond trading. It provides an informational competitive advantage to all market participants who adopt this technology.

Deep MM’s expertise lies in creating Large Event Models (LEMs) that predict future events’ probabilities. Unlike the more commonly known Large Language Models (LLMs), LEMs may provide foundational AI capabilities applicable across various financial and non-financial domains.

Deep Market Making (Deep MM) is at the forefront of AI-powered analytics solutions, offering unparalleled insights and efficiency in credit trading. With a team of seasoned experts from the world’s leading banks and tech firms, Deep MM leverages advanced machine learning and data analytics to enhance market performance and transparency. Our mission is to simplify complex data integration and provide instantaneous, actionable insights for traders, sell-side dealers, and portfolio managers. For more information, please visit https://deepmarketmaking.com.

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