Lindberg said that he personally covered the original $17 million loss from the alleged fraud perpetuated by McCord.

ORLANDO, FL, April 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Greg Lindberg, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, reports that one of his companies, CapLoc, LLC has secured a $31 million judgment against former Oklahoma mortgage banker Ron McCord and First Mortgage Company.

“I am grateful to Aaron Tobin and the team at Condon Tobin for their dogged determination in securing this judgment,” Lindberg said.

Lindberg said that he personally covered the original $17 million loss from the alleged fraud perpetuated by McCord.

“This is a good example of me putting money into the insurance companies to make them more secure solely for the benefit policyholders — even when I did not legally or contractually have to. One of my companies funded $17 million into the insurance companies to cover this alleged fraud by Ron McCord within 24 hours of discovering it,” said Lindberg.

Lindberg’s Investments Achieve Record Revenue of $1.7 Billion Despite Legal Battles

In other news, Lindberg reports that his various investments generated $1.70 billion in revenue – a 16% increase in revenue over the year earlier period of $1.46 billion. Total adjusted EBITDA for the 2022 calendar year was $305 million Lindberg reports.

“Thank you to every one of the 7,000 team members for your persistence and determination to achieve breakthrough results despite all of the false claims we have endured,” Lindberg said. “The performance of the group of companies demonstrates the strength of the team and the ‘first who, then what’ business model,” Lindberg said. “I am sincerely grateful for the hard work and dedication of every one of the global team members,” Lindberg said.

Lindberg has investments in over 100 business units worldwide serving customers in the areas of healthcare technology, electronic medical records, unified communications products and services, accounts receivable management services, B2B software, and other business and financial services.

Lindberg says his investments focus on high barrier-to-entry, high recurring-revenue businesses with strong underlying market growth potential in global niche markets. “We follow a contrarian model that puts decision-making in the hands of each company and keeps corporate bureaucracy to a minimum. We believe that the people who know our customers and employees must drive outcomes,” Lindberg says.

“These strong operating results indicate that the policyholders of my insurance companies are well secured by the loans they have made to these companies,” Lindberg says. “Despite the multiple legal battles we are engaged in, the group of investments is performing very well,” says Lindberg.

About Greg Lindberg. Greg Lindberg is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. To learn more visit Over the course of his career, he has acquired and transformed more than 100 companies that were either failing or underperforming, each time finding and empowering great talent—people with the same commitment to hard work, learning, entrepreneurship, and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Today, these companies are worth billions of dollars and employ 7,000 people. His experiences as a leader and related challenges have inspired him to empower people to achieve optimal success through wellness, longevity and leadership. Lindberg also has authored two books: Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity into Advantage and 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership, both of which are available on Amazon. In 2020, he founded Interrogating Justice, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and help advance solutions that hold corrupt government actors accountable, ensure fairness in sentencing, support reentry, and provide access to justice for all. To learn more visit:

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