Hydrogen-powered cars.

LONDON, ENGLAND, May 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles offer several advantages over electric vehicles in terms of efficiency, range, and refuelling time. In particular, hydrogen fuel cells have a higher energy density compared to batteries used in electric vehicles. This means that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can store more energy in a smaller volume, allowing for longer driving ranges without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be refuelled much faster than electric vehicles. Refilling a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle takes only minutes, similar to the time needed to refuel a gasoline-powered car, while charging an electric vehicle can take several hours. Furthermore, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles do not suffer from the same range anxiety as electric vehicles, as hydrogen fuelling stations are becoming more widespread and the refuelling process is quick and convenient. In terms of overall well-to-wheel efficiency, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also more environmentally friendly compared to electric vehicles, as hydrogen can be produced from renewable sources such as wind or solar power.

The adoption of hydrogen cars could potentially bring about a significant economic impact on a country, particularly concerning job creation.
We have decided to interview Prof. Marco Mele, economist and CEO of SFBM Spa. SFBM is an Italian publicly owned company specialized in the inspection and testing of natural gas-powered cars. In addition, the company has recently also started working with hydrogen.

Professor, can you explain the relationship between a future with hydrogen-powered cars and its impact on the job market?

“The transition towards hydrogen vehicles could lead to the emergence of fresh job opportunities and the fostering of employment in various sectors. First, the production of hydrogen cars requires highly specialized skills, covering both the design and development of the vehicles themselves, as well as the manufacturing of high-tech components and technologies.

Consequently, the hydrogen automobile industry could potentially create new job opportunities for engineers, technicians, designers, and skilled workers within the automotive sector.

Furthermore, the construction and instalment of the necessary infrastructure to support hydrogen cars, such as hydrogen refuelling stations and distribution lines, could potentially generate a substantial number of jobs in the construction and civil engineering sectors.

The energy sector could also gain benefits from the adoption of hydrogen cars. The production of hydrogen from renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy, could potentially stimulate the renewable energy industry creating employment in energy production and engineering field.
Generally speaking, the adoption of hydrogen cars may cause a ripple effect in the economy, resulting in an increase in the demand for associated services and goods.

For instance, the expansion of the hydrogen automotive sector could lead to an increased demand for maintenance and repair services, car insurance, and other related activities. Moreover, the adoption of hydrogen vehicles could have positive effects for other sectors, such as tourism and manufacturing.

The availability of hydrogen cars could potentially promote sustainable tourism fostering growth within the tourism sector and related services. Additionally, the adoption of hydrogen vehicles could spur growth within the manufacturing sector, providing opportunities for the production and supply of components and innovative technologies for hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure.

In conclusion, the adoption of hydrogen cars has the potential to yield a positive economic impact on a country, through new job opportunities and economic growth across various sectors. The hydrogen automotive industry could stimulate employment in high-tech and specialized fields, presenting a positive outlook for the labour market and for the whole economy.”

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