Labcon Advances Industry Leading Commitment to Environmental Responsibility with Addition of ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label on More Than 100 Products.

PETALUMA, CA, November 18, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Labcon North America (, the world’s leading manufacturer of Earth Friendly® laboratory disposables, announced today that the company is officially registered with the ACT Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) label from My Green Lab. Continuing with their longstanding commitment to laboratory sustainability, Labcon will now carry the ACT Label on over 100 products.

“Labcon’s commitment to manufacturing high quality, Earth-Friendly® laboratory disposables requires us to constantly evaluate the performance, environmental impact, and sustainable end-of-life solutions for every product we make,” said Jim Happ, President of Labcon. “Labcon’s ACT label scores confirm the low environmental impact of our products and allow customers to consider this data when purchasing these products from us.”

ACT Label: A Tool to Identify Sustainable Products.

The ACT label is a virtual “eco-nutrition” label for laboratory products that is published on My Green Lab’s website for public access. ACT labels emphasize Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, user impact, and end-of-life impact. Scientists, sustainability directors, procurement specialists, and manufacturers provided valuable feedback on the Environmental Impact Factor criteria, resulting in the most comprehensive product labeling program for life science products. The ACT label enables product-specific comparisons and empowers purchasing with environmental awareness.

“The lower the score on the ACT label, the lower the environmental impact,” said Allison Paradise, Executive Director of My Green Lab. “Labcon’s scores of 1 in manufacturing impact and responsible chemical management are the lowest possible and reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability.”

Independently Audited and Verified Data

Labcon’s ACT-labeled products were independently audited by Sustainability Made Simple, verified by My Green Lab, and confirmed to have an industry-leading low environmental impact. Read more about the ACT label at

Reducing your lab’s environmental impact through smarter purchases has never been easier! To see Labcon’s products officially registered with the ACT label visit:

About Labcon (

Labcon is the world’s leading producer of low carbon laboratory disposables and was the first to market compostable plastics for laboratories. Labcon’s focus on sustainable solutions for laboratories dates to 1994 with the first low carbon products. A UL-Certified ISO 9001:2015 company; Labcon North America is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area.

About My Green Lab (

My Green Lab is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research. Founded in California, the organization was created to unify and lead scientists, vendors, designers, and others in a common drive toward a world in which all research reflects the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. My Green Lab is widely recognized as a leader in developing nationally recognized laboratory standards.

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