Los Angeles, CA, September 22, 2017 –(PR.com)– CA Technologies and M-Theory Group today announced that M-Theory Group is leveraging CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) to expand its service offerings and optimize its operations and service levels.

Since its founding in 2007, M-Theory Group has established itself as a leading provider of managed services for large enterprise customers in the United States. In addition, through its expertise and services, the company has emerged to become an enterprise Private Cloud Services provider that offers a unique approach to the delivery of infrastructure services, via their proprietary CapEx-as-a-Service™ model to their SMB and Enterprise customers. Additionally, M-Theory Group enables its colocation and consulting partners to deliver compelling services to their end customers.

Through their CaaS™ model, M-Theory provides a high touch, white glove, managed services offering, delivering mission critical core infrastructure to their clients, all as a service, and delivered and managed anywhere their client requires (on premise, colocation, datacenter of choice).

To efficiently support and fuel the organization’s growth, M-Theory Group sought to employ a new monitoring platform that would address several key requirements:

· Strong multi-tenancy support. The team needed a platform that offered intelligent multi-tenancy capabilities, which was essential in enabling efficient support of their three-tier, Master MSP services and business model.
· Advanced capabilities. Executives sought a platform that would offer the rich capabilities that were essential in powering compelling, high value services that would enable M-Theory Group and its MSP partners to gain differentiation from their competitors.
· Ease and flexibility. Their monitoring platform needed to offer a combination of ease of use and advanced capabilities. This would enable M-Theory Group and its MSP partners to expand their service catalog and provide the flexibility to offer tiered packaging and pricing.
· Support for cloud and emerging technologies. To support customers’ increasingly cloud-based, hybrid IT environments, it was critical that they find a platform that offers coverage for a wide range of cloud environments and emerging technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Nutanix and more.

The executives at M-Theory Group ultimately selected CA UIM because it uniquely addressed these requirements.

“CA UIM offers a range of unique benefits,” said Chant Vartanian, CEO and Chief Evangelist at M-Theory Group. “Our mantra has always been Unifying All Dimensions, and with CA UIM, we can accomplish true unification of our offering. It addressed all our most critical requirements, offering strong multi-tenancy support, rich capabilities and both ease and power. CA UIM will help us optimize our operations and it will enable M-Theory to deliver differentiated services in the marketplace.” Chant Vartanian has been a big proponent of delivering custom built, single tenant designs. Chant Vartanian continues on saying “with CA UIM, we’ll be able to deliver services that promote sales growth, and we’ll gain the optimized operations that enable us to efficiently and cost effectively support client’s growth.”

“With CA UIM, M-Theory Group will be well equipped to optimize the quality and availability of its services, and to harness advanced capabilities that enable differentiated service offerings,” said Chant Vartanian.

With its comprehensive infrastructure and cloud coverage, CA UIM will help M-Theory Group support their digital transformation, so end customers can contend with increasing complexity and be more successful in the digital economy. “With CA UIM, M-Theory Group will be able to address the growing customer demand for the monitoring of cloud and hybrid IT environments, so we can expand our offerings and sales,” says CEO Chant Vartanian.

About CapEx-as-a-Service™

The Private Cloud Anywhere model – The better mousetrap. Let the Disruption begin…

Blurring the lines between CapEx and OpEx was not easy. The Cloud is upon us and it is here to stay. All service providers are delivering the same solution in a different package. Privacy is a claim by many, but are they really Private? Industry research shows that Data Security and Regulatory Compliance are the two most significant factors when making decisions to adopt the cloud. Internal Cloud deployments are on the rise, mainly due to lack of available options…until now. Introducing CapEx-as-a-Service™ (CaaS).

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