Supertek Camera modules have been implemented in many sectors, such as industrial, security, traffic, home & entertainment, and education. Now it provides customized service for the camera modules.

ZHUHAI, CHINA, November 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Technology outgrowth is unstoppable. All aspects of modern society are inseparable from the role of technology. A leading camera module developer and manufacturer, Supertek module, has proven that since 2013, it has established its business core in the technology industry. As a leading camera module manufacturer, they have broadened their business lines worldwide. Its products have been implemented in various fields of industry, including Industrial inspection, Traffic & Security, Retail & finance, Home & Entertainment, and Education.

Since it was first established, the Supertek module has followed the development of digital technology. Many types of camera modules have been implemented in various industries. In the education sector, the Camera modules applied for document scanners. The use of the proper camera module enables the learning and teaching process becomes smooth. Additionally, in the Industrial Inspection sector, specifically designed cameras are needed for automotive, fruit sorting, machining for robotics, and mining. It should meet the requirement for industrial needs such as high image quality & frame rate, shock/heat resistance, high reliability & strong sensitivity, small, light design, and excellent price/performance ratio. In the security sector, the ST-AR0230 camera model applied to the Automatic Check-in counter, it utilized an IR lens with Full HD 2MP resolution and captures faces clearly.

In the production process, all components are strictly inspected by experienced experts. In addition to the service, Supertek module also offers a 2-Year Warranty on all camera modules. Moreover, the company always maintains its quality and guarantees customer satisfaction. In addition to designing and producing camera modules for various industries, supertek module also serves to manufacture of customized camera modules. The camera is designed and manufactured according to the client’s requirements. There are three ways of customization for the new camera module. It regards to Module Dimensions – Supertek module is able to resize the camera module according to customer needs. Hardware Modification – Aside from resizing module dimensions, the company will create new hardware or modify the module hardware to aim for different applications. Firmware Modification – Firmware plays an important role in product performance. The company will adjust the brightness, contrast, and color to fit for a particular application.


Supertex Co founded in 2013, Supertek is an innovation-oriented manufacturer of camera modules. Their innovative products have been applied in diverse industrial sectors. Since it was first established, Supertex Co. has delivered many products, such as Sensor camera modules, USB 2.3 & USB 3.0 camera modules, and wifi camera modules. For more information, please visit

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