Local, long-time landscape designer Steve Letz is raising awareness about maximizing water conservation in San Diego and believes the answer to the problem is xeriscape, a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation.

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Letz Design, a local landscape design company, is spreading the news about drought-tolerant landscaping with up-to-date information on how residents can boost water-saving efforts with drought-tolerant plants.

Water conservation is a pressing issue in San Diego. The limited availability of water and rising costs will likely force homeowners to change the way they view water as it will become the “new gold”. Letz Design believes that the answer to the problem is xeriscape, a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance.

Here are the Top Five Xeriscape and Drought-tolerant Plants Recommended by Letz Design for San Diego Gardens

1.) Penstemon ‘margarita BOP’ / Beards Tongue – A long blooming plant that shines with its iridescent purple/fuchsia flowers. It spreads nearly 3 feet across and should be a long-term favorite in your garden.

2.) Pelargonium ‘sidoides’ / Burgundy Geranium – This no-nonsense plant offers burgundy flowers and a grey-green leaf. It requires very little maintenance and will spread some 18 inches or more.

3.) Teucrium ‘azure blue’ / Azure Blue Germander – A shrub-like plant with light blue flowers and gray-green leaves, it is very heat tolerant and adds an unusual color to the garden.

4.) Euphorbia ‘bonfire’ / Bonfire Euphorbia – This plant offers exceptional color and interest, especially with its showy flower. It is also good to defer gophers due to their toxicity and perform well with very low water and little maintenance once established.

5.) Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’ / Fred Ives Graptoveria – This striking succulent plant has a unique dusty rose color and older leaves with a golden hue. As it matures, it can take up over two feet of space as it spreads horizontally, adding a nice texture to a garden.

Letz Design urges homeowners to remove their thirsty lawns and replace them with drought-tolerant plants such as these five varieties listed above – along with decomposed granite, crushed rock, succulents, grasses, and California native plants. By doing so, homeowners can reduce their water consumption within the landscape. To learn more about drought-tolerant landscaping, contact Letz Design at www.letzdesign.com.

The mission of Letz Design is to “Save Water to Ensure Our Future”. Letz Design is committed to helping the community of San Diego address the water crisis by offering creative and sustainable landscape solutions. With their expertise in drought-tolerant landscaping, Letz Design can help San Diego homeowners reduce their water usage while still enjoying a beautiful and vibrant outdoor space.

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