Tezos is a popular cryptocurrency. Before investing in this coin, however, it is important to learn about its prospects. Traders Union experts have updated their Tezos Price Prediction.

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, April 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tezos (XTZ) is a cryptocurrency that showed impressive growth in 2021. Over that year, its price grew fourfold, causing increased interest among investors, who began to add the coin to their portfolios. However, before investing in XTZ, you need to make sure that this investment will be profitable. Traders Union experts prepared an updated Tezos Price Prediction to provide traders with information about the coin’s medium and long-term prospects.

What is XTZ?

XTZ is the native cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain platform. The platform is a sandbox for developing decentralized apps. It has incited interest among developers thanks to its wide selection of features and functions. However, as it turned out, the platform did not have too many competitive advantages over its competitors.

XTZ price spiked in 2021, and then rolled back. Overall, the cryptocurrency is described as highly volatile; with frequent surges and plunges on the price chart.

XTZ price prediction

Traders Union experts made medium and long-term XTZ price predictions, following three possible scenarios: pessimistic, interim and optimistic. For example, by the end of December 2025, the coin price is predicted at the following levels:

Pessimistic prediction – $3.199;
Interim prediction – $03.554;
Optimistic prediction – $3.909.

Also three possible scenarios of the price movement in the long-term (until 2030) were predicted:

Pessimistic prediction – $16.342;
Interim prediction – $18.158;
Optimistic prediction – $19.974.

As of 2023, the cryptocurrency shows no signs of growth, for example, to $100, let alone $1,000. Nevertheless, its price is expected to grow, which means that investing in this coin could be lucrative in the medium and long term.

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