With kids going back to school soon, it’s important to lock in a reliable dog walker that will keep all dogs safe and sound this fall season!

PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sitters4Critters, a full-service pet sitting, dog walking, and pet-related services company located in Morrisville, this week announced to complement the back-to-school movement around the United States later this month, they are offering a dog walking discount now through September 11.

Passionate about providing pet owners with custom-tailored monitoring services that includes in-home dog watching, walking, and more, Sitters4Critters wants to eliminate all unneeded stress when it comes to pet happiness.

“With kids going back to school soon, it’s important to lock in a reliable dog walker that will keep all dogs safe and sound this fall season,” said Tristan Hamburg, Founder and Owner of Sitters4Critters. “Though we have a few remaining time slots left, we’re offering a dog walking discount for all dog owners in need of affordable dog services.”

For a limited time, customers can save $2 per walk when they sign up for the available dog walking Morrisville time slots. To ensure that their dog is being safely and accurately watched during each slot, Sitters4Critters uses GPS-tracking technology during the walks. Called their “Pet Check Technology,” dog owners can watch their dogs in real-time.

Through an online portal, automatic reporting of arrival and departures times arrive via electronic mail, so dog owners can see exactly when their dogs were walked.

“We offer real-time monitoring through a mobile bar code, online tools, GPS tracking, and electronic mail alerts for accuracy and convenience,” said Tristan Hamburg. “We understand the sensitivity and oversight that needs to go in dog walking. As dog owners ourselves, we get it! Spread the word on our back-to-school discount available now, and head on over to our site to learn more about our Sitters4Critters services.”

For more information, or to learn more about their dog walking Philly and dog walking Morrisville services, visit: sittersforcritters.com

Lifelong Philadelphia resident Tristan Hamburg founded Sitters4Critters in 2013, with the goal of providing the very best service and care for pets whose owners were out of town. The licensed and insured company takes care of all animal types, along with the walking, boarding, medication administration, and other duties that go with it. Pet waste removal Philly, are the latest addition to the comprehensive range of animal care the company provides.

For more information in inquire about other Philadelphia pet care services, please visit SittersforCritters.com.

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