The Everest Foundation partnership with Genrosity led to the recent 5k run. Which was a huge success for all parties involved.

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 19, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Everest Foundation has been involved in hundreds of worthy causes dedicated to improving the cause of humanity. They do this through research, graduate medical education, and venture philanthropy. The Everest Foundation is named after the doctor and educator, Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest.

Dr. Everest may have passed on in 2008, but his legacy lives on. True to its tagline, The Everest Foundation strives to be part of the cure. Here is more of the work of Dr. Michael Everest.

The Graduate Medical Education initiative is the flagship initiative of the Foundation. Dr. Michael Everest and The Everest Foundation help medical students and graduates connect with medical schools worldwide. This helps to produce the next generation of leaders in medical research. As a registered non-profit, The Everest Foundation raises money through generous donations from contributors to fund its groundbreaking initiatives.

The Graduate Medical Initiative works with local partners and focuses on vulnerable population areas around the world. A closely associated program is the Residency Medical, RM, program that supports residency training in medical schools worldwide. The RMC initiative also helps students get research and clinical opportunities.

The Everest Foundation’s other focus is on venture philanthropy. Dr. Michael Everest and The Foundation targets medicine schools worldwide to assist them in developing innovative medical technology and research. Some of the areas they do this are organ transplant, 3D printing, and spinal cord injury.

They support medical research scholars in their clinical and academic research initiatives. It is known that better medical knowledge is the basic underpinning of better public health policy, affordable health care, and medical innovation. Some notable research the Foundation has been involved in includes transplant research, oncology, opiates addiction, infectious diseases, etc.

The Everest Foundation has raised funds for its activities through a partnership with the peer-to-peer fundraising trailblazers, Generosity. The Generosity 5K Multi Charity Run Walk is an initiative that aims to help organizations raise funds for worthy causes.

The events are inspired by the desire to achieve more for the community using healthy activities. The initiative helps large or small organizations raise funds to finance their core activities without incurring unnecessary expenditures. This means that partnering charitable organizations can raise more money. Which in turn helps them achieve so much more for the organizations they help.

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