VOOPOO is a top vape brand famous for its innovative GENE chip technology and Argus G Pod and Argus Pod Se vape products for high-end vaping.

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 24, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — VOOPOO – The best vaping brand and e-cigarette manufacturer worldwide

VOOPOO has made enormous progress in recent years, racing from behind to overtake the industry leaders. In 2016, it launched when it acquired WoodyVaps, a premium US vape maker. The company also made a significant step in 2017 when it partnered with GENE to manufacture custom chips for VOOPOO, significantly improving the precision and speed of the gadgets’ shooting.

The gadgets include a high-quality leather and aluminium construction without sacrificing power or usefulness. However, they have also begun to penetrate the pod industry. The VOOPOO Argus Pod series is the most popular because of its user-friendliness, ability to regulate airflow, and excellent flavour. However, it is possibly most known for its Drag series, the UK’s most popular pod mod series.

With “technology revolution” and “customer service” as its two primary sources of competitive advantage, VOOPOO, an electronic cigarette brand under ICCPP, is a worldwide high-tech firm with an international presence. Finally, after many years of effort, it’s widely recognised as one of the best vaping brands in the world.

VOOPOO offers the best alternative to traditional cigarette smoking

Thousands of users in the UK have successfully kicked the habit with the assistance of an electronic cigarette. There is some proof that they work. According to research in 2021, in addition to receiving in-person counselling from a trained professional, those who use e-cigarettes to help them kick the habit have double the chance of success compared to those who use alternative nicotine replacement products like patches or patches of gum. Using an electronic cigarette is a great way to curb your need for tobacco products. You can meet your demand by using it regularly and with sufficient nicotine in your e-liquid. Moreover, you won’t get the full benefits if you smoke cigarettes after vaping.

The United Kingdom has stringent safety and quality regulations for electronic cigarettes. While vaping does not have zero risks, it is much safer than cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the VOOPOO Argus G pod in UK do not create toxic byproducts like tar and carbon monoxide. However, some compounds are present in the liquid and vapour at far lower concentrations than in cigarette smoke.

As the market leader in chips for electronic cigarettes, the VOOPOO GENE Tech platform is complex at work, perfecting cutting-edge muti-analysis technology for precise regulation of vapour production, temperature, mode switching, and battery life. Meanwhile, it has been working closely with GENE, a high-end US chip manufacturer, to introduce GENE’s innovative chip series. Fan, GENE. Fit, GENE. Pod, GENE. Trio, GENE. AI, and GENE. TT is providing the worldwide vaping community with an ever-improving product.

VOOPOO Argus Pod Se in UK fulfils your vaping satisfaction

The Argus Pod SE is a vaping device launched by VOOPOO in 2023, a firm with a solid record of producing high-quality e-cigarettes for novice and seasoned users. The Argus Pod SE is an improved recreation of the original Argus Pod. Moreover, its enhanced capabilities provide a superior vaping sensation. Shiny new decorative finishes give it a fresh, modern look. The flavour is refined because of the 4-hole air intake. In addition, the cartridges benefit significantly from the multilayer design that prevents leaks. Their two versions of cartridges all completely support ARGUS G, ARGUS POD, ARGUS P1, and ARGUS Z.

Thanks to its thoughtful design, the gadget is small and easily grasped. Using a nanoscale printing technique, its decorative finish reflects light in a way evocative of a prism’s many surfaces. The machine’s colour moves with light and shadow, making the lines organic and gentle. The high-quality zinc alloy and leather construction make it easy to hold. In addition, it has several admirable design characteristics. It has a robust and sturdy feel since it is constructed from long-lasting materials.

The device’s single button serves several functions, including a switch for on and off and setting the desired wattage. The pod, which holds 2ml of e-liquid, may be replaced. Also, the magnets holding the pod to the device simplify removing it. VOOPOO carefully created the best possible airway after hundreds of experiments. Increased airflow from the four holes in the air intake and the airflow buffer zone contribute to a refined flavour profile.

The maximum power output of the VOOPOO Argus Pod SE kit is 40W.

Two coil varieties are available for use with the VOOPOO Argus Pod Se. The first is 0.8ohm and the second 0.3 ohms.

Overheat Prevention
Short-circuit Prevention
Discharge Prevention

Other Features
A single charge lasts for three to four days.
Highly streamlined airways.
Cartridge with ITO coil.
2ml cartridge capacity.
18W power from the GENE.AI 1.2 Chip.
Leak Protection.
OLED display.
Clear puff and lock/unlock
ITO atomisation technology.

VOOPOO Argus G Pod in UK for a fantastic multisensory vaping

The Argus G Pod is an innovative vaporiser device made by VOOPOO in 2023 and is sweeping the market. This one-of-a-kind and innovative device is intended to provide a gratifying and pleasurable vaporiser experience. It is a portable, lightweight, and user-friendly device that rests comfortably in the palm. It has a streamlined, contemporary, aesthetically appealing and functional appearance. The device is constructed of high-quality materials and is designed to last, ensuring that users receive the most value for their money. The reasonable VOOPOO Argus G Pod price makes it a highly demanding product for vapers.

VOOPOO Argus G Pod is a technologically sophisticated vaping device designed to provide users with an unmatched vaping experience. Moreover, adjustable ventilation is one of the Argus G Pod’s most notable features. This system enables users to adjust the quantity of ventilation that travels through the device, affecting the vapour’s potency and aroma. The device also features a high-quality coil system that produces consistent and seamless vapour.

Its elegant and contemporary design, adjustable ventilation system, high-quality coil system, and user-friendly interface make it a favourite among vapers. Its safety features and PnP Pod Tank system make it a secure and dependable option for vapers seeking a device capable of producing consistent and gratifying vapour. Also, the good VOOPOO Argus G Pod review makes it a trendy vaping product. Overall, it is a must-have device for any vaporiser enthusiast who takes their hobby seriously.

1000mAh battery and fast-charging system

User Interface
Another critical aspect of the VOOPOO Argus G Pod kit is its user-friendly interface.

overcharge protection
Heat up protection
Short-circuit protection

Other Features
Efficient Airway design.
ITO coil cartridge.
water damage protection.
OLED display.
ITO atomisation technology.

Explore the endless possibilities of modern technology with VOOPOO

VOOPOO is a pioneer in the atomisation and modern material technology fields. Since its founding, VOOPOO has expanded swiftly, establishing a presence in over 70 countries and territories, including the United States, France, and Germany. The company has filed for over a thousand patents in areas such as novel materials, atomisation research and development, chip technology, etc.

VOOPOO Argus G Pod price is highly affordable for new vapers as well as for experts. Moreover, We provide a wide variety of e-cigarettes and vaping products from the top brands in the vaping industry. Our goal is to deliver superior quality products, services and information from the international vaping community in a responsible manner. Moreover, we assure you that the vaping experience you want will be delivered to your door in a timely way and with a smile on your face.

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