TGM Research Offers a Deep Dive Into American Consumer Behavior During One of the Nation’s Biggest Sporting Events with TGM The Big Game Survey In The US 2024.

SINGAPORE, January 20, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — TGM Research, a technology-driven market research company specializing in global online data collection and innovative survey technology, has released its comprehensive report on American consumer behavior ahead of one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year. Titled “TGM The Big Game Survey in the US 2024,” the report provides a meticulous dissection of shifting dynamics, preferences, and expenditure patterns of over 1,000 respondents aged 18-75 residing in the United States.

Greg Laski, CEO & Founder of TGM Research says: “As we examine the insights from our ‘TGM The Big Game Survey in the US 2024,’ it’s evident that there’s significant enthusiasm surrounding this year’s Big Game Day, with a substantial portion of surveyed Americans expressing their intent to watch the game. What’s particularly noteworthy is the considerable number of respondents indicating their willingness to enhance spending for this year’s festivities. This presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to leverage our comprehensive insights, facilitating informed decisions and strategic planning for a successful Big Game Day in 2024.”

Summarised below are key insights from TGM The Big Game Survey in the US 2024:

Nationwide Excitement: 66% Ready for The Big Game LVIII

The survey’s standout revelation is the profound impact of The Big Game, with an overwhelming 66% of respondents confirming their intent to partake in the festivities. Of this, 62% expressed their inclination to watch the Big Game from the comfort of their homes.

The survey highlights distinct motivations driving viewership, with 61% expressing a genuine passion for the sport and 21% eagerly anticipating the halftime show, particularly the featured performers. Notably, the study identifies top preferences for the grand spectacle, with Taylor Swift, Usher, and Beyonce emerging as the most wanted performing artists among respondents.

Big Game Day Party Playbook: 18% Ready to Score with Social Gatherings

Nearly one-fifth of respondents (18%) are set to revel in the Big Game Day spirit by either hosting or attending a party. The culinary scene at these gatherings is dominated by 75% opting for chicken wings, while 72% are primed to the classic combination of chips and dips.

In the realm of beverages, beer maintains its stronghold as the favored choice for an impressive 75% of respondents, solidifying its role in the traditional celebration of game day. However, a noteworthy shift emerges in the 35-44 age group, indicating a growing preference for liquor compared to other demographics. This distinctive choice mirrors evolving tastes within this age bracket, injecting a dynamic element into the beverage preferences associated with The Big Game.

Spending Plans: Divergence Across Age Brackets and Genders

Half of the surveyed individuals express their commitment to maintaining the Big Game Day spending at levels consistent with previous years. This prudent approach is exemplified by 69% of individuals aged 65-75.

Budget intentions vary, with 57% of those aged 65-75 planning a conservative budget ranging from 0-50 dollars. In contrast, the younger demographic (25-34) exhibits increased enthusiasm for spending on this sporting event, with 40.7% allocating budgets between 101-500 dollars, surpassing other age categories.

Gender disparities surface in spending preferences, with 31% of males opting for increased expenditure compared to 25% of females. Conversely, 22% of females plan to cut back, surpassing the 17% of males choosing a frugal approach.

Brands in the Spotlight:

Budweiser (19.5%), Pepsi (11.8%), and Doritos (8.1%) emerge as the triumphant trio, securing their positions as the most associated brands with the Big Game.

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