School administrators, virtual course students, and hybrid office workers now have tools to manage in-person study and work schedules

CHICAGO, IL, April 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — DeskFlex, the global educational and work space scheduling, room booking and workplace hoteling software leader, held a virtual presentation to highlight why space management is critical today. The event, which focused on online desk booking and school and campus room scheduling, was live streamed to an invite-only audience, and attended by representatives from higher educational institutions, colleges, and employers with multiple locations.

Panelists, who included company founder, chairman and CEO Dr. Shaun Passley, stressed that today’s workplace has moved from a fully fixed work-place model, into a flexible working environment. HR managers and business leaders attempt to balance multiple priorities, including workplace productivity, employee satisfaction, and the safety of staff, visitors, and business partners. Getting that mix of priorities just right isn’t always easy. Nor is it possible to accomplish through traditional tools and technologies. But DeskFlex has the answer – online space booking:

In Dr. Passley’s words: “More businesses are realizing that having unlimited numbers of desks, meeting rooms, conference halls, and convention galleries isn’t sustainable any longer. Space goes underutilized; rooms are overbooked; meeting spaces are double-booked – and hybrid employees scramble to find office space when they desperately need in-person sessions.”

DeskFlex’s online desk booking and room reservation systems provide everyone flexibility to remotely book rooms, and other office equipment and resources.

When it comes to higher education, however, there are a number of other factors that make scheduling and reservations more challenging. Most importantly, a shift to virtual learning and distance education has left educational institution administrators scrambling:

According to Dr. Passley:
“Because they own, operate, and manage multiple buildings and multi-campus facilities, higher education institutions typically encounter multifaceted scheduling needs. That’s why DeskFlex scheduling software for colleges and universities allows administrators to seamlessly manage their classroom spaces, dormitories, and campuses.”

A live demonstration of DeskFlex’s suite of software showed both, businesses and educational building owners, how smart space management, and remote booking and scheduling features result in overall efficiency. Not only do these tools add flexibility to the scheduling and reservation process; they also deliver better space utilization, which results in higher ROI for the facilities.

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