RateHighway (RH), the global leader in car rental pricing automation, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Rexalto, a pioneering technology firm known for its cutting-edge pricing solutions.

IRVINE, CA, April 30, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Partnership introduces Rexalto’s innovative pricing engine, AMPE, into RH’s robust RateMonitor ecosystem, marking a significant leap forward in AI-driven pricing management for the car rental industry.

The integration of the AMPE partner technology will allow an AI based optimization approach to price management for RateMonitor clients. AMPE utilizes AI and machine learning technologies to analyze large data sets. AMPE uses historical client data, tracks current market prices, considers weather and other data sources to prepare an individual pricing strategy. This approach ensures high accuracy in price forecasting and helps increase profitability and utilization growth. This addition enhances the RateMonitor environment, known for its maturity, stability, and extensive reach within the car rental market.

“Partnering with Rexalto to incorporate the AMPE engine into our RateMonitor ecosystem is a game-changer,” said Michael Meyer, President of RateHighway. “This collaboration aligns with our mission to provide our customers with innovative solutions that cater to their evolving needs. AMPE’s AI-driven approach offers a fresh perspective on pricing, giving our clients the power to optimize their strategies in real-time, ensuring they stay ahead in a highly competitive market.”

AMPE’s introduction to the RateMonitor ecosystem is a testament to RH’s commitment to innovation and customer choice. This strategic move not only broadens the array of tools available to car rental operators but also reinforces RH’s position as a frontrunner in the application of advanced technology to solve real-world challenges in the car rental industry.

“Rexalto is excited to partner with RateHighway, a company that shares our vision for the future of car rental pricing,” said Loriana Sardar, Co-Founder and CEO of Rexalto.

The partnership between RateHighway and Rexalto represents a forward-thinking approach to pricing management, offering car rental operators the best of both worlds: the reliability and depth of the RateMonitor ecosystem, enhanced by the innovative, AI-driven capabilities of AMPE. Together, RH and Rexalto are setting a new standard for the industry, delivering solutions that drive efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Rexalto is at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in the development of advanced pricing engines for the car rental and broader transportation sectors. Their flagship product, AMPE, leverages artificial intelligence to provide dynamic pricing solutions, helping businesses optimize their revenue management strategies in real-time.

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