AI-Powered Enlarger and HDR Upscaler Evolve: Enhanced Image Detailing and Swift Cinema-Mode Conversion

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — UniFab, a global leader in AI-driven video processing tools, has recently unveiled a series of innovative upgrades. These enhancements predominantly encompass new functionalities within the HDR upscaler AI and Enlarger AI modules and an overall acceleration in video processing speeds. UniFab aims to significantly boost users’ video processing efficiency through the implementation of multi-thread acceleration technology.

Next-Gen HDR Upscaler Boosts Conversion Speeds by 5x While Maintaining Image Quality – UniFab HDR Upscaler AI:
A novel cinema Fast mode has been introduced, allowing users to experience processing speeds superior to the High-Quality mode with only a minimal sacrifice in image quality.

Unveils Enhanced AI for Superior Image Detail Optimization – UniFab Enlarger AI:
The Enlarger model has been updated, significantly enhancing the clarity and authentic restoration of image details post-magnification, with visual effects that closely resemble natural perception.

Comprehensive Improvement in Video Processing Speed:
GPU utilization has been optimized, particularly accelerating the conversion process for modules like UniFab Deinterlace AI, with an average speed enhancement of 20%.

UniFab is committed to delivering a more efficient and convenient multimedia processing experience to its users. With these updates, both the HDR upscaler AI and Enlarger AI modules are poised to better meet users’ demands in terms of image quality and processing speed. The adoption of multi-thread acceleration has a leveraged effect on the overall enhancement of video processing efficiency, enabling users to complete their video editing and conversion tasks with greater rapidity.

About UniFab
UniFab is a software company known for developing AI-powered video enhancing tools. Their products, which include UniFab Audio Upmix AI, UniFab Smoother AI, and UniFab Deinterlace AI, focus on enhancing video quality through noise reduction, detail sharpening, and convert audio into multi-channel like DTS7.1 using artificial intelligence technologies. For more information, please visit the official UniFab official website.

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