Program subdivides UN Goals into tiny pieces, and names Awards after participants who use Generative AI to develop new approaches

KYIV, UKRAINE, June 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Daily Hero’s Journey has just been launched to enable individuals to develop innovative AI approaches to our planet’s biggest challenges, while offering a maximum amount of personal fulfillment to participants, with a minimum time commitment. All can join, and participation is free. The program was created by Be the Singularity and Artificial Intelligence for Good, as well as researchers and students from NYU, Harvard, TCU, Taras Shevchenko University in Ukraine, Tokyo University, University of Delhi, and Oxford.

According to Education Director Amy Chang, the program grew out of efforts to allow people in 2023 to pursue their own ‘Hero’s Journey’, as described by anthropologist Joseph Campbell in “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” and other works, but to use AI to do so in a way that far exceeds the typical results achieved by mythic and historical heroes— and to do so in a minimum amount of time, usually just minutes. And to continue to do so every day, if desired. The result is that one always has new challenges to overcome, but does so with far less effort than legendary heroes, and can meet a new issue any time.

“The recent explosion in capacity of Generative AI tools makes this possible,” says DHJ co-founder J. Toomey. “Our powers have become almost infinite– what’s needed is judgement and wisdom to use them efficiently.”

The heroes of old might save a maiden from a dragon, but they didn’t have the ability to develop solutions to global challenges that imperil millions. Nor could they develop, refine, and test these answers almost instantly, and iterate daily, according to co-founder Savithri Patel. “Slicing huge issues into micro-problems with AI makes this possible,” she says. “And allows one to feel like a Hero– or even a Monarch– all the time.”

The goals for each Journey are significant enough that they have a measurable impact, but small enough that they can be completed quickly without taking too much time out of one’s day.

Key to the project is that each participant who adopts one of the targets from the UN’s 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals has an Award named after them. They can confer the prize on individuals, groups, and institutions who contribute significant progress towards the target.

As soon as a target is chosen, the ‘hero’ uses at least 3 AI platforms to pose the following question: “What are the top 5 challenges associated with __________ [UN target] and what are 5 potential solutions?” Then they ask AIs Delilah, Bard, Bravo,,, and GPT4 to suggest solutions. Some participants use Botsonic, which trains ChatGPT on an individual’s knowledge base data, so that one’s personal store of wisdom can be applied to each complex challenge.

“No ancient or modern hero could do that,” says Chang, “not even 10% of it.”

The ‘hero’ chooses one challenge-solution pair and creates a Facebook Group, Twitter account, Linkedin Group, Pinterest page, and Instagram Group devoted to it. They ‘seed’ discussions on each platform by asking leading questions like “Who can refine, develop, correct, or add to the solution described?” This means that discourses can delve deeply into each issue with discussants from around the globe.

If interest in the UN target is broad enough, participants can host a weekly or monthly discussion group devoted to it on the Daily Hero’s Journey Zoom channel.

The prize winners are acknowledged by Daily Hero’s Journey in press releases and in social media.

“We know of nothing else” says Patel, “that is both a planetary improvement project and a provider of profound personal purpose at the same time.”

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