Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyer Billy Johnson Discusses The Process of Filing A Lawsuit for Truck Accidents for Victims

PIKEVILLE, KY, September 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — A truck accident can result in fatal personal injuries or death, which entitles the victims to compensation for damages through insurance or a lawsuit.

Without experience or legal counsel, navigating the complexities of successfully filing a lawsuit that ends in the victims’ favor can be challenging.

Filing a lawsuit involves several processes, from collecting evidence on the truck accident’s severity to submitting the claim within time.

Leading Attorney Billy Johnson Advises Affected Parties on Steps to File A Truck Accident Claim

Billy Johnson, Lead Attorney and Kentucky truck accident lawyer at Johnson Law Firm, says that the bulk of filing a claim involves assessing the circumstance involved in the accident to estimate the case’s worth and level of settlement that is the victim’s right.

Billy Johnson says: “For a successful case, the essential work of filing a truck accident claim in Kentucky happens before you file the claim,” Johnson says.

He further states: “The process before filing the claim involves hiring accident reconstruction experts to investigate and gather solid evidence crucial to the case’s success.”

Kentucky Statute of Limitations

There are time limits for filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, even from a truck accident.

Personal injury victims from a truck accident only have up to a year from when the accident occurred to file a claim. The court can refuse to hear their case if the lawsuit isn’t filed within a year.

Seek a Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyer for Professional Legal Counsel

According to Johnson, some victims make the fatal mistake of negotiating with insurance companies for settlement without legal counsel.

Johnson advises seeking the services of a truck accident lawyer: “If you can’t reach a satisfactory agreement with insurance, a truck accident lawyer can take your case to court.”

He continues: “Truck accident lawyers help you resolve the legal process, including filing pretrial motions, presenting gathered evidence, and delivering closing arguments. In cases where you are unhappy with the lawsuit’s results, they can file an appeal.”

Johnson further adds: “Getting an experienced truck accident lawyer can help you quickly overcome the hurdles and processes in filing a claim. From handling negotiations to seeking fair financial compensation for clients, attorneys are crucial before, during, and after filing a truck accident lawsuit.”

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