When an insurance claim is denied, it is crucial for policyholders to carefully review the denial, understand the reasons behind it, and explore available options.

LAS VEGAS, NV, July 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The denial of an insurance claim can occur for various reasons. It could be the result of policy exclusions, limitations, or specific conditions that were not met. In some cases, the denial may be based on a dispute over the cause or extent of the loss, or a disagreement regarding the policy’s interpretation.

When faced with a denied insurance claim, the first step is to carefully review the denial. It should provide a clear explanation, including reference to specific policy provisions. Understanding the basis for the denial is crucial in determining the appropriate course of action.

Once the denial has been reviewed, policyholders have several options to pursue. One option is to contact the insurance company directly to discuss the denial and seek clarification. This can involve providing additional information, documentation, or evidence to support the claim. It is essential to maintain detailed records of all communications with the insurance company, including dates, times, and the names of the representatives spoken to.

If communicating with the insurance company does not lead to a satisfactory resolution, seeking legal assistance may be necessary. “An attorney can review the denied claim, assess the validity of the policy, and explore potential legal remedies,” says Attorney Patrick Leverty.

It is important for policyholders to be aware of their rights and the time limits for taking action. Insurance policies typically have specific deadlines for filing appeals or initiating legal proceedings. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in the forfeiture of the right to challenge the denial.

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