Celebrates Recent Legislative Advances to Govern Fertility Industry Practices

FALMOUTH, MA, January 23, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In mystery story fashion, Uprooted: Family Trauma, Unknown Origin, and the Secretive History of Artificial Insemination, published by Greenleaf Book Group Press on January 25, 2022, Peter J. Boni shares his personal odyssey and acquired expertise upon learning in 1995 that he was conceived via an anonymous sperm donor. He advocates for regulatory oversight of the multibillion-dollar reproductive industry that conceives hundreds of half-siblings from a single donor—children and adults who are unaware of the existence of their half-siblings.

Now recognized as an Amazon best-seller in several categories, Uprooted has earned critical acclaim and several prestigious book awards: 2022 Best Book, Narrative Nonfiction (American Bookfest); 2023 National Indie Excellence Award; 2023 Gold Medalist, Nonfiction Audiobooks (Independent Publisher’s); and 2023 Honorable Mention, Nonfiction Social Issues (Reader’s Favorite).

To mark the anniversary, Amazon is selling a Kindle version of Uprooted for $.99 (list price $9.99) during the last week of January; Goodreads will be hosting a 100 ebook February giveaway to its readers.

In 2010, The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the primary Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) industry trade association, estimated a one million donor-conceived population, increasing by 30,000 to 60,000 annually thereafter. Using the midpoint of that range, the donor-conceived population has grown 50% since 2010, and now totals over 1.5 million people. Since secrecy has been the prevailing industry practice, most donor-conceived people are not even aware of their status. There are no laws requiring donor identity, genetic testing or health history; no limits to the number of offspring per donor; no sibling registry; no mandated donor or recipient counseling regarding the needs of the donor-conceived, and no legal consequences for blatant fertility fraud…collectively what Peter terms “The Donor-Conceived Bill of Rights.”

As an ex high technology CEO and former special operations combat veteran, Peter’s approach is focused, disciplined and mission-oriented. Prior to Uprooted’s publishing, he established several goals. First, to positively impact the practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology; second, to influence the legislative agenda to bring regulatory oversight to ART in the form of that Donor-Conceived Bill of Rights; and third, to represent the emotional needs and well being of all late-discovery misattributed people, no matter the reason that their DNA and birth certificates do not match.

Since Uprooted’s debut, society’s awareness of fertility industry issues and ART legislation are on the uptick. Publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Atlantic have featured articles regarding ethical lapses in fertility industry practices. The 2022 Netflix documentary, “Our Father,” sensationalized Indiana fertility practitioner Dr. Donald Cline, who, without his patient’s knowledge, used his own sperm to inseminate nearly one hundred of them.

Peter often quotes his philosophy, “To run fast, run alone; To go far, go together.” He has been donating Uprooted’s earnings, along with his time and energy, to several advocates who share his goals. Among his allies are advocacy organizations The U.S. Donor-Conceived Council and Right to Know; Texas fertility fraud crusader Eve Wiley; and author and fertility counselor Jana Rupnow.

Thirteen states have, thus far, passed fertility fraud laws. In 2023, the ASRM developed a task force to take into consideration the donor-conceived in its ART practices. The ASRM has since released a supportive framework for fertility fraud legislation as a template for lawmakers. In January, 2024, the Uniform Parentage Act was reworded to require the identification of anonymous gamete donors to the donor-conceived. Colorado was the first state to approve the full Donor-Conceived Bill of Rights, to become effective in 2025. Other states are contemplating similar legislation. Now in consideration by U.S. Congress is H.R. 452, Protecting Families from Fertility Fraud Act, to establish a new federal criminal offense for knowingly misrepresenting the nature or source of DNA used in assisted insemination.

“I am very humbled by the recognition my book has received and feel hugely gratified that Unrooted has begun to achieve some of those lofty goals.” Peter has been delivering his message throughout numerous speaking engagements and conferences to fertility clinics, support groups for the donor-conceived and other misattributed people, varying town libraries and genealogical societies. He has testified before several state legislatures and has been featured in dozens of podcasts in his quest to raise awareness to influence the practice and governance of donor-conception.

Among his currently supported projects are: an award-winning PBS documentary, “Missed Conception,” by Donna Marvin-Platt, scheduled for a spring 2024 premier; and “The Complete Picture,” the first ever rock musical about donor-conception, by Erin Maya, who is working towards its New York City theatrical debut.

Peter concluded, “Victory has many fathers; mothers, too. While we’re off to an encouraging start, I aspire for federal legislation to make The Donor-Conceived Bill of Rights the law of the land.”

Peter is available for interviews and will answer questions.

Peter J. Boni
Email: peter@peterjboni.com
Tel: (617) 513-9744
Web: www.peterjboni.com

About Peter J. Boni

Peter J. Boni credits his disruptive childhood, a college education from UMass@Amherst, decorated on-the-ground service as a US Army Special Operations Team Leader in Vietnam (coined his “Rice Paddy MBA”), love of his family and friendship circle, plus luck-of-the-draw DNA with making him the person he has become today—an author, advocate, and fun-loving grandfather living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

During his accomplished business career (high-tech CEO, venture capitalist, board chairman, non-profit leader, award-winning entrepreneur, senior advisor), Peter has applied “lessons of leadership through adversity” from his life-altering experiences—themes found throughout his first book, All Hands on Deck: Navigating Your Team Through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck, and Emerging Victorious.

Peter enjoys an active physical regimen, entertaining and sailing with friends and family while at his Falmouth/Cape Cod, MA residence, and traveling with his wife to, among other locales, San Francisco and New York City to visit family.

Web: (www.peterjboni.com)

About Greenleaf Book Group

Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor dedicated to empowering authors. Located in Austin, Texas, Greenleaf partners with authors on every aspect of developing and promoting the author’s idea, from expert branding to book creation, promotion, and retail distribution.

Since its start in 1997, Greenleaf has continually evolved to meet the needs of authors. The core of its business has always been master distribution to major bookstores, airports, and specialty retailers. Over time, it recognized its authors’ need for top-quality editorial, design, and strategic marketing services, so it built a team of experts to help authors publish and market their books.

Thousands of projects later (and with over 50 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers), Greenleaf’s award-winning editorial and design, robust marketing, and expert distribution capabilities have led to partnerships with some of the greatest thought leaders and independent publishers around the world.

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About U.S. Donor-Conceived Council

U.S. Donor Conceived Council was established in late 2021 by Erin Jackson, the creator of the FaceBook support group, We Are Donor Conceived. Erin assembled a team of other donor conceived people (“DCP”) to form the first all-volunteer nonprofit run by DCP and devoted to advocating on behalf of DCP. USDCC was officially incorporated and achieved its 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status in early 2022.

Within its first six months, USDCC successfully shepherded the proposal and historic enactment of the “Donor-Conceived Persons and Families of Donor-Conceived Persons Protection Act” in Colorado with overwhelming bipartisan support. With this legislation in hand, USDCC culminated its first year by presenting at a groundbreaking stakeholder meeting attended by donor conceived advocates, gamete banks, mental health professionals, legal scholars, LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups, and others.

USDCC strives to increase awareness of the needs, interests, and challenges of donor-conceived people (DCP) and advance change that promotes and protects their health, welfare, and human rights for donor conceived people.

USDCC’s vision for a better future for DCP is reflected within its Advocacy and Education efforts to prioritize the best interests of DCP in all matters involving donor conception.

Web: (www.usdcc.org)

About Right to Know

An adoptee, a donor conceived person, and two people with an NPE (Not Parental Expected) walk into a restaurant…David Wrate, Gregory Loy, Alesia Cohen Weiss, and Kara Rubinstein Deyerin met while doing an interview for KIRO 7 News, “DNA Home Test Kits Reveal Family Secrets, Bring Unexpected Trauma.” They believe people with a DNA surprise and genetic identity issues need access to support and laws related to genetic information, identity, and family dynamics need to be updated to reflect the changing technology and social dynamics of the times. Over dinner after their interview, this belief developed into Right to Know.

Right to Know is a non-profit organization that advocates for people impacted by genetic identity issues and loss of genetic continuity from adoption, assisted reproduction, or an NPE through education, mental health initiatives, and advocacy to ensure the fundamental human right to know their genetic identity..

Web: (www.righttoknow.us)

About Eve Wiley

Eve Wiley is the product of fertility fraud.

When she was 16, Eve learned her parents struggled with infertility and carefully selected an anonymous sperm donor (donor 106 from California Cryobank) to conceive her. When she was 18 years old, she found Donor 106 and developed a wonderful father daughter relationship. In 2018, through commercial DNA testing she learned that her mother’s fertility doctor used his own sperm instead of the donor her parents selected and consented to. That doctor is her biological father.

She was even more shocked to learn that in 2019, this fact pattern was a crime in only ONE STATE: California. She set out to change the laws in Texas (her home state) and other states, creating civil and criminal causes of actions for victims.

As of 2023, thirteen states have passed some sort of fertility fraud bill.

Web: (www.evewiley.com)

About Jana Rupnow, LPC

Jana Rupnow is an internationally recognized fertility mental health expert and author of the best selling book, Three Makes Baby: How to Parent Your Donor Conceived Child. She is founder of International Donor Conception Awareness Day and of her fertility counseling agency, Three Makes Baby.

Jana has offered guidance to thousands of people exploring alternative paths to parenthood, including donor-conception, adoption, and surrogacy.

Web: (www.janarupnowtherapy.com)

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