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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, February 14, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — ApyHub, the all one one API platform for API design, discovery and consumption, announces significant growth achievements proving its continuous commitment to developer empowerment and productivity. With an exceptional uptake in user acquisition, API catalog expansion, and increased platform adoption, ApyHub keeps establishing its position as a pivotal player in the API ecosystem economy.

Key Highlights for 2023 Include:

– User Base Expansion: ApyHub has witnessed a 75% increase in its user base over the past year alone: 2023 ended with ApyHub having more than 45K accounts consisting of developers, engineers, and businesses that are flocking to ApyHub for its comprehensive suite of tools and resources, streamlining the process of discovering, accessing, and consuming APIs seamlessly.

Expansive API Catalog: ApyHub’s API catalog has grown exponentially, now boasting over 110+ APIs across various categories, including file conversions, e-commerce, video processing, AI and more. The diversity of the catalog ensures that developers and organizations have access to a growing range of APIs to fuel all their innovative projects and initiatives.

-Platform Utilization: ApyHub is experiencing a remarkable increase in platform utilization, with a notable 65% Month on month growth in API usage. Particularly for the AI enabled APIs, this increase has been even more significant.

-Continued Innovation: ApyHub remains committed to driving innovation in the API tooling ecosystem, with ongoing enhancements and feature additions aimed at delivering a new kind of developer experience. Recent updates include the introduction of the AI enabled API catalog, as well as Fusion, the API Co Pilot, a collaborative tool designed to help developers and development teams better design, test and manage their own APIs.

“We are thrilled to celebrate these significant milestones, which are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the trust and support of our community of developers and partners. At ApyHub, we are committed to empowering developers with the tools and resources they need to unleash their creativity and drive meaningful innovation.”

Samuel Kaluvuri, CEO, ApyHub

As ApyHub continues to expand its reach and impact in the API economy, the company remains focused on its mission of democratizing API access and fostering collaboration and innovation within the developer community.

ApyHub is a leading platform for API design, discovery and integration, empowering developers and development teams worldwide to discover, access, and consume standard data and common functionality APIs seamlessly inside their applications.

With a comprehensive growing API catalog (currently +100 APIs), API design tools and resources, ApyHub streamlines the process of building and running innovative applications that can scale. For more information, visit :

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