SENSEI CODE enables online publishers to save, organize, and share content creations while exploring a vast collection of publicly shared images for business. Additionally, all images created using SENSEI CODE are commercially usable.

TOKYO, JAPAN, June 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, Chia Inc. is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking new product, SENSEI CODE, a cutting-edge image generation platform explicitly designed for online publishers’ content creation use. With SENSEI CODE, powered by “Stable Diffusion” and Chia’s custom-made original trained models, online publishers can effortlessly create high-quality, authentic images with just a few clicks. Chia plans major features updates of the collection and discovery in SENSEI CODE later this year.

Key Features of SENSEI CODE:
1. Stable Diffusion Image Generation: SENSEI CODE harnesses the power of Stable Diffusion, allowing online publishers to generate stunning images effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex design software and welcome a seamless image creation experience.
2. Access to SENSEI CODE’s Original Stable Diffusion Models: SENSEI CODE provides online publishers with exclusive access to a collection of original unique generation models for Stable Diffusion developed by the expert team of Chia. These models ensure exceptional image quality and enable users to create appealing visuals.
3. Save and Organize Creations: SENSEI CODE allows online publishers to save their generated images as collections, efficiently organizing and curating their visual assets. Keep track of creations again.
4. Share and Showcase with SENSEI CODE: Showcase artistic prowess and inspire others by effortlessly sharing created images and collections through SENSEI CODE. Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded creators and gain recognition for talent.
5. Discover and Explore: Tap into a vast collection of publicly shared images by other online publishers within SENSEI CODE. Uncover new artistic styles, techniques, and inspirations. Gain insights into the prompts to generate published ideas, fostering a learning and collaborative environment.
6. Commercial Usage Rights: All images created using SENSEI CODE are commercially usable, empowering Internet media companies to seamlessly incorporate these high-quality visuals into their content without copyright limitations.

SENSEI CODE is a game changer for online publishers, enabling them to produce high-quality visuals with a simple click effortlessly. Chia focuses on AI-powered online publishers’ content creation process. To be effective in content creation with SENSEI CODE, Chia plans significant updates of the collection and discovery in SENSEI CODE to be effective in content creation.

“At SENSEI CODE, Chia’s mission “Building for Creators” is to democratize the image generation process for Internet media companies,” said Founder/CEO Katsuhiro Takata. “We believe high-quality visuals should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. SENSEI CODE empowers users to become visual storytellers and enhances Internet media organizations’ overall creativity and productivity.”

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About SENSEI CODE: SENSEI CODE is a pioneering image generation platform tailored explicitly for Internet Publishers. With its Original Stable Diffusion models, SENSEI CODE enables publishers to create high-quality, original images with just a few clicks. Discover, design, and share stunning visuals with SENSEI CODE.

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About Chia: Chia helps online creators and online brands with robust AI-based media publishing Technology. Chia serves a “Stable Diffusion” based GAI image creative service & originally developed generative models by CS Team, providing efficient media innovative tools and intelligent website builders to online brands/publishers. The publishing engine takes the automation to a practical level by keeping the fans/engagements they want to get while staying ahead of the competition. Engage online brands/publishers using our techs to have the highest impact on quickly increasing your consumer’s interactions!

Chia was founded in April 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.

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