Enterprise Security Product expert and Agile Product Development leader Aditya Shukla spoke about User Behavior & Entity Analytics products that leverages context-enriched activity data to generate behavioral baselines generated by enterprise users along with broader network event intelligence to rapidly detect the most complex threats, at TIECON, Santa Clara Conference.

The recent TIECON 2016 conference at Santa Clara was a huge success, the key highlight of the event being Enterprise Security Product expert Aditya Shukla talking about UBA (User Behavior and Entity Analytics) products with Kellton Tech executives.

According to Gartner (@Gartner_inc), the amount of data analyzed by enterprise information security organizations will double every year through 20161.  As this volume of data increases, so do the risks said Mr. Shukla at the TIECON Conference.

A BS, in information technology from DIT University and a MS, in Computer Science from University of Southern California and SCPM from Stanford University. Mr. Shukla is playing critical role of Senior Eng. Program Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, proving his leadership to HPE software security products and contributing toward improving agility of enterprises.

“User behavioral analytics is a new computer technology which can analyze historical data logs or big data- and identify the user behavior by following their traffic pattern. These behaviors can be used to identify whether the user activities are normal or malicious/suspicious. However, the technology does not tackle the security issues, and it only alerts the security teams of a possible user abnormalities. Afterward, the security team can decide the best approach to respond to the UBA findings. The UBA systems were used in early 2000’s by the marketing team to make their marketing plan by predicting and analyzing the consumers’ buying pattern. However, technology has granted the IT field a chance to use the same tools, but more advanced regarding their capabilities, to monitor the computer systems. One of these tools is the HPE UBA platform. UBA augments the capabilities of the SIEM by providing capabilities of statistical analysis and machine learning capabilities to incorporate into SIEM solution like HPE ESM where rule-based detection technology alone is unable to keep pace with the increasingly complex demands of threat and breach detection” explained Mr. Shukla while speaking further about the new HPE UBA versions at the esteemed conference.

HPE UBA is an advanced security analytics tool that has the capability of mining, analyzing, scaling and visualizing customer data and it converts them into reliable intelligence that can be used to detect high-risk threats from either within or outside the business environment. The tool also uses the detection techniques which tracks the both system and user behavior. These techniques help the HPE UBA platform to detect insider threats, data security, and fraud attacks. The HPE UBA tool operates on the security rule of “90/10” which means that it gives more than 90% of all the security events that should be taken for further investigation. The tool also monitors the misuse of the privileged accounts. This means that data and all transactions done on the privileged accounts are continually tracked to ensure their security and confidentiality.

The use-case driven security content packages can now be downloaded from ArcSight Marketplace. HPE continues to improve the current version of UBA 1.1.1.

“SIEM future is shifting from purely rule based and reactive products to intelligent and predictive security products” said Nitin Verma, Kellton Tech Senior VP.  At closing session of TIECON 2016, Mr. Nitin congratulated Mr. Shukla for his participation and guidance to Kellton Tech executives.