An award-winning author in the human interest genre, Cami Green Hofstadter, PhD is widely published in the education field where her latest ebook, The Foreign Consuls Among Us: Local Bridges to Globalism, has received Bestseller Status for . . .

WILMINGTON, NC, May 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — With more than 175 foreign embassies headed by ambassadors in Washington, DC, consular offices (“consulates”) are found throughout all 50 US states. But while career consuls from abroad are educated by their home countries’ foreign service, honorary consuls (citizens or permanent residents in the US) finally have a way for learning about their role as a consular representative for a foreign nation. This new ebook is not only an independent learning tool for the honoraries but also a resource for ambassadors and career consular officers wanting to make sure that their country representatives, whether fellow career or honorary consuls, understand the history and modern role of the consular institution.

Businesses wanting to access the global marketplace will especially benefit from learning how to work with foreign consuls. Success often begins with the help of local consuls and the resources and knowledge of country situations they have access to.

The Guide also belongs in the hands of municipal officials (such as city mayors) in places with consulates, and all internationalists and business, civic or educational leaders looking to partner with local consuls. Additionally, international membership organizations and advocacy groups have long known that connections to another nation often begin with familiarity with the local consulate. In its EXPANDED DIGITAL form, the book is easily searchable and will therefore unlock a whole new world of possibilities for all readers.

The Bestselling ebook version of The Foreign Consuls Among Us: Local Bridges to Globalism will be available at no charge at Amazon May 9-10, 2023.

Bestselling author Cami Green Hofstadter, a Swedish-speaking native of Finland, received her first law degree at the University of Helsinki followed by a Master’s degree at the University of Miami School of Law, and a PhD in Ed Leadership. She also has certificates in Diplomatic Law from the Hague Academy of International Law, the Netherlands, and in International Organizations from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Among her many publications was a long-standing monthly column on consular affairs in Miami Today, and other pieces relating to consular law and status, for international business, and educational leaders.

Retired from an academic career at two universities and having served as a long-time Honorary Consul and Secretary of the Consular Corps of Miami (where she remains an Associate Member), she now engages full-time in her passion of being a writer and teacher at many lifelong learning centers at universities around the country, where she lectures about the history, nature and modern functions of consuls.

“When the prestigious Kirkus Reviews gave the 1st edition of Foreign Consuls Among Us recommended status, I knew I had accomplished my goal of fulfilling a real need for both consuls and business leaders,” Hofstadter said. “It’s been said that diplomacy should be shared with consuls but, as I found early in my own consular activities, local populations around the US usually lack an education in the nature of the functions of the foreign consuls in their communities. I wrote this easy-to-understand book for them, rather than single-mindedly for academics only.”

“A named consular corps can be an important vehicle for informing international business leaders about the presence of sometimes a very large group of local consuls and the initial resources they can bring to the investigation of doing business abroad.”

“Since embassies are located in a nation’s capital, and not in individual provinces or states where consuls function, the first step in international exchanges like people-to-people and sister city programs is usually most effective when started at the local consulate level.”

“Among the most popular features of my book is the question- and answer-section which is based on real live scenarios with many additional ones in my blog”

“As a lifelong internationalist, and former educator (associated with three local universities), I find it particularly ironic that the business of international education — and yes, universities are a serious part of the global economy — commonly ignores the ‘consular component’ of their teaching objectives. For now, self-learning through my book is the answer to this dilemma.”

The Foreign Consuls Among Us has received glowing reviews on Amazon. A former ambassador stated, “This is the book with the answers!” A business owner said, ” I’ll no longer be nervous about approaching a foreign consul and I now understand the expectations on both sides. Wish I had had this book years ago!” Another reader wrote, “Dr. Hofstadter’s writing is clear, concise and entertaining. This book belongs in every corporate, government and educational institution’s library.”

The Foreign Consuls Among Us: Local Bridges to Globalism, ebook version, will be available at no charge from May 9-10, 2023 at Amazon.

Cami Hofstadter is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at The Foreign Consuls Among Us: Local Bridges to Globalism, is available from Amazon and other quality booksellers. More information is available at the website at

About Cami Green Hofstadter:

A European and U.S.-educated lawyer, Cami Green Hofstadter has a PhD in Educational Leadership, and certificates from the University of Geneva (International Organizations) and the Hague Academy of International Law (Diplomatic Law). In spite of a sizeable body of academic writings (most recently, Modern Consuls, Palgrave Macmillan, July 2020), her love for human interest stories has remained a constant through her life. Her recent book on Jewish-Scandinavians during WWII (The Yellow Star that Wasn’t: Scandinavia, Miami, and Me) is an Amazon Bestseller. She’s been a peer reviewer (university press) of a book on Jewish identity that combines humor with scholarly research, while also being the winner of a humor contest herself.

Throughout her career, Hofstadter was committed to international education and was active in many organizations that shared the goal of preparing coming generations for the new global community. Among them: AALS (Association of American Law Schools) Section on Graduate Programs for Foreign Lawyers (founding president; newsletter editor); Florida Commission on International Education (University of Miami School of Law Representative); Florida State Commission on International Education; and NAFSA: Association of International Educators (national Parliamentarian). She was also a member of the Consular College, Washington, D.C. and a member and secretary of the Consular Corps of Miami.

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