Effortlessly open doors with a tap of a finger or elbow with this barrier free door knob. Childproof design and DIY installation.

NEW YORK, NY, April 24, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — No more turning handles to grab the handle, the most touched item during the day, is now undergoing a convenient change.

Through patented technology, Anylock introduces the more convenient and safer ‘Barrier-Free Push-Pull Handle – Standard Type’ via the United States
Kickstarter campaign, targeting early adopters.

The most touched item during the day is none other than the door handle. At home, in the office, and at school, we share and use handles with many unknown people.

For about 100 years, the round handle and lever-type handles have not been significantly inconvenient for adults, but for children with weak wrists, the elderly, people with disabilities, and adults with physical discomfort, the action of grasping and turning is not easy.

If a fire were to break out, the existing handles require grasping and turning to open the door and exit. Even in moments of urgency, it needs to be faster and safer.

To ensure that users of all ages can be more convenient and safe, Anylock observed users of all ages, improved the size and grip of the hand, and introduced the ‘Premium Barrier-Free Push-Pull Handle’ that allows for quick escape in emergencies such as fires through the 2022 United States Kickstarter campaign.

Through purchases from consumers in 19 countries, it was verified that the installation and usability are convenient. The advantages of Anylock products are the self-installable handle that conforms to standard specifications, which can be installed in just 3 minutes with five screws. Users can change the direction of the handle, and it does not scratch the door with a silicone pad. Also, with the locking function of the locking key and the choice of a coin key type in the bathroom, the ‘Barrier-Free Function’ of the push-pull handle, which can be opened even by pushing with a finger, is convenient for children with weak wrists, the elderly, people with disabilities, and adults. Additionally, with the ‘Anti-Panic Function,’ users inside the room can pull the handle even when it is locked, releasing the lock and enabling quick escape.

Finally, it is finished with the surface of the product, which has been patented for its antibacterial and antiviral properties in the United States and Korea by ‘Twinwiz,’ a professional company. This minimizes the infection of bacteria transmitted by hands.

There is a philosophy that puts sincerity into the product through constant research and efforts for the improvement of user behavior patterns and usability for the handles that were used inadvertently.

To make convenient products more accessible and easier for more users, the second product is introduced. With a simple design and convenient usability of the barrier-free, the silicon pad stands out to prevent scratches and improve adhesion. The new product allows the handle to be installed in a cross direction in both the upward and downward directions according to the user’s convenience.

The second product allows additional purchase of cute character covers.

All products launched by Anylock are the creations of professional designers, applying universal design and ergonomic design principles. Anylock has been continuously applying for the patent for the push-pull handle and has won numerous patents related to design awards. It is a professional company recognized for the Excellence in Industrial Design and its history of patent-related awards.

Because the push-pull handle has excellent compatibility, it can be universally applied to homes, offices, hospitals, and senior towns.

Anylock plans to introduce the Push-Pull Series through constant efforts to provide more convenient and safer handles for all ages from children to adults.

Anylock leads the expansion of ‘Barrier-Free Push-Pull Handle’ through the exploration of business partners such as hardware distributors, construction companies, welfare equipment, and safety equipment. For product inquiries, contact hi.anylock@gmail.com.

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